The Scheme comprises of 187 units of various house types and zones as stated below:
* 4 Bedroom Detached Duplex – 125 Units
* 4 Bedroom Semidetached Duplex - 38 Units
* 2 &3 Bedroom Block of Flats - 24 (12 flats of 2 Bedroom & 12 flats of 3 bedroom)
There are at least 2 parking spaces for each prototype, also Visitors car-park have also been included exclusively.
The Estate has 4 entrances to aid easy accessibility to and fro the development.
There is adequate provision for Estate Infrastructure strategically arranged across the Site:
Parks and recreation, worship center, shopping complex, Police post, Banking Hall, Primary School etc.
The Site is zoned in such away that the Estate infrastructure are accessible and strategically positioned to make accessibility easy to all inhabitants
The primary Zones are:
* Residential        
* Recreational 
* Commercial
* Civic
The Residential zones are further divided into typologies
4 - Bedroom Detached Duplex
3 - Bedroom Semi-detached Duplex
3 - Bedroom Apartment (in a block)
2 - Bedroom Apartment (in the same block)