Gloria Amabiwendi: Head, Real Estate Services & Agency

Mrs. Amabiwendi is the longest serving staff of the company, having put in over 15 years moratoriums service in the organization, she has held various position and have risen through different strata of the organization until October 2010 when she rose to the position of the General Manager. She has a Diploma in Journalism and a degree in English which she obtained from Lagos State University. She attended various management and Marketing courses which include Effective Administrative Skills for Women Administrators by WODIA in 2012, Strategic Business Management /Leadership training by Strategic Business School in 2012 and in 2013 she attended Project Management training by Oak Interlink to mention but a few. The various training she has attended has improved her ability to act in her present position. She is one of the company's resourceful staff who has the customer Service relationship/management and data at her fingertips. She is happily married and the union is blessed with four children.