In the Femab Group, we ensure that optimum services are offered and delivered to our clients.

To enable us do this, we have carefully selected our staff who have vast experiences in Architecture, Law, Property Management, Sales and lettings, Finance, Marketing, and Information Technology.

With a combination of the extensive and diverse experiences in the Femab team, the Femab Group has continued to regenerate itself to achieve outstanding successes in all its endeavors.

Specifically, we are involved in the following aspects of the real estate industry:


Real Estate Development

As veteran Real Estate developers, we are in the business of purchasing vast tracts of land, we design structures on the land with proper layout of roads and infrastructural facilities and we build tasteful houses which appeal to all strata of society. We rent out, manage, and ultimately sell the houses.

To ensure our continued success in real estate development, we work with different subsidiaries and partners both within and outside the group. For building blocks, Crystal Blocks & Concretes Industries provides high quality, weather resistant  and reliable building blocks; Zibo-Femab Construction limited handles the general aspects of engineering and construction works;  we have the full cooperation of  qualified Civil Engineers, Architects and Surveyors  in Shelter First and Associates, and with the success of the Hongyang Dredging And Seaport Construction Limited, we have unlimited access to all the sharp sand we need for construction.


Project Management

Our project management team is designed to apply the requisite knowledge, skills, tools and techniques needed in the efficient delivery of your projects. We will guide you through all phases of your project starting from the pre-design and the design phases, our dedicated architects work with you to put your dream design on paper. The construction phase is handled by our surveyors and builders and upon the construction of your building, we have an excellent team who will help manage your property.

Ours is a broad-based practice which believes in the delivery of efficient and excellent services to all our clients.


Property/Facility Management

As property/facility managers, we will take care and manage your real estate to ensure the preservation of its value while generating income. We work with landlords, tenants and contractors in a people oriented, dependable and consistent manner to ensure that problems are solved creatively and effectively.


In caring for your property/facility, we carry out all aspects of maintenance including preventative maintenance, corrective maintenance and repair maintenance. And as property/mangers, we welcome all kinds of properties including residential homes, vacation homes, commercial properties and industrial complexes.

Building Design & Construction Management

Our expertise in this area speaks for itself. We have designed several houses for our clients in all our estates including Dream Home Estate, Peninsula Garden Estate and Diamond Estate I and II.

We have also constructed residential and commercial complexes and we will be happy to present a brochure containing several designs to you upon request.